What You Need to Know About Your Poker Dealer Online

Online poker dealers play by the same rules as those who work in a physical casino. In order to win the game, you need to know how to play the game. This includes knowing how the dealer is thinking.

The Golden Rules of being a Poker Dealer

The dealer is putting on a show for you. He will smile at you. He will be friendly towards you. It is just a show. The dealer is there to get tips from you. The more money you tip, the more he or she will be your friend.

Once you step away from the table, you cease to exist. You only exist when you are sitting at the table putting money in the pot. It is better to know this going in. Some like to think the dealer does want to be their friend. This is a big misconception that gets players into a lot of trouble. You are the patron, nothing more. Once the show is over, the dealer’s feelings for you do not exist anymore.

The Golden Rules of Playing Poker

You may notice you get plied with drinks more at the table. You may also notice you get them cheaper at the table. There is a reason for this. They want you at the table. The want you to spend money. The house gets paid as you get paid. They want you to bet big and lose big. They make their money this way. You will win on the rare occasion. In their eyes, they are part of this win. They expect to get paid big when you win. Those who do not abide by this rule tend to be treated differently.

All the world is a stage. Know your part and everything will work out to your advantage. Learn more about เกมไพ่ poker come visit us at our site.